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PEDA MOTOR Macedonia Exclusive Distributor

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Address: 202 Done Bozinov St. 1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia


Telephone: +389 (0) 31 418 165

PEDA Scooter, PEDA Motorcycle, PEDA Enduro are powered by Italy PEDA Motor. For any inquire, please contact us by email. You may also access PEDA Motor through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok.

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Welcome to join in PEDA Motor ! All the companies which are in the motorcycle field, or any one of the below cases are our potential partners,

1). Importer or distributor for Motorcycle, Scooter, Enduro, ATV, Quads.

2). Retailer or dealer for Gasoline motorbike, gas scooter, Cross bike, Quadbike.

3). Service station for Motorcycle, Motor scooter, Motocross.

4). Electric motorcycle, Electric scooter dealer.

5). Motorcycle enthusiasts who want to set up new business!

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In case you want to know more detail about PEDA MOTOR, please send us email We will provide information of local distributor. 

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For any technical or PEDA after service issues or PEDA spare parts inquire, please contact us by mail, We will answer within 3 working days or guide access to your local dealers.

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